Are you tired of feeling as though the standard 8 to 5 is the only way to live?

Do you dream about making money doing the things you actually love?


Are you stuck when it comes to figuring out how to monetize your unique skillset?


Have you felt as though you aren’t ever going to figure out what you should be “when you grow up?”

The workplace wants us to believe there is only one way to make a living...

But the truth is, the possibilities are endless,
and it’s time to discover yours!

Wouldn't it be nice to ...

+ Know exactly how to start and grow your business.

+ Creating an income through using your innate zone of genius.

+ Feel confident to take action and attract the right clients.

+ Gett paid what you are worth, and talking about money with comfort and ease.

+ Wake up every day filled with gratitude and abundance as you execute on your dreams.

Work less, enjoy life more and make more money.

by Linda Binns

Patricia really helped me dig for what makes me happy and can help me make money at the same time. As a result of working with Patricia, I was able to focus my efforts on the things that I love the most and that bring me the most income. I now work less, enjoy life more, and make more money.

What If What You Were Meant To Do Is Easy?

You just have to uncover it...

Whether you’ve been struggling to figure out what your natural gift is or you are lost when it comes to navigating how to monetize your niche, you are ready to get answers on how to build a career that is fulfilling and supportive. And I am here to show you how.

Can I tell you a story?

I will never forget the moment when a client began to stress how the idea of making money doing what she loved seemed ridiculous. She said no one would be willing to pay for that, it was too simple. It wasn’t so much that she didn’t know what she was good at, it was how simple the idea was that filled her with fear. 

In this moment, a connection sparked and I knew something needed to change.

For 20 years as an owner and operator of a recruiting firm, I have been able to help clients discover what they were already good at ... and then start to make money by doing something with those skills and talents. 

Because the truth is, what we are good at often feels so natural, we don’t even realize it is a talent. 

We assume everyone can do it, just like us, and never think someone would be willing to pay to learn this skill. 

After unveiling the truth beneath my client’s stress, we were able to work together and create a plan to implement her skills into a business model that turned an incredible profit. 

Looking back, this was always the work I was meant to do.

After leaving the recruiting firm behind I began coaching and mentoring hundreds of clients across the globe. 

Through this work, I have come to find that most people think discovering your right career path is a quick fix or a magic bullet answer, but it really comes down to being willing to turn within yourself and ask the difficult questions. 

So often, what you are meant to do is something you are naturally so good at, you overlook it. 

I watched client after client be blown away when they found they already possessed everything they needed to create new career opportunities and income for themselves. 

Time and time again they would come back to me and say that, without this program, they wouldn’t be living their dream life ... and now they are.

As I celebrated with my private clients, I knew I needed to create some kind of program that would allow more people to have this life-changing information. And now, for the first time ever, you can have access to this same experience that my private clients did but, better yet, without paying for private coaching fees.

I have found such comfort in knowing this information is now available for nearly anyone who wants to make a big change in their life and to start designing their own future.

Now it's your turn ... I want to take you to the next level so you can go bigger with your dreams, bolder with your goals, and finally start earning your ideal salary. 

I want this for you, and I know you do too! 

I went from burnout to elation...

Nancy Banner

"After only one session with Patricia, I went from burnout to elation over my personal and business potential! For two years, I have struggled to monetize my gifts and struggled to corral those gifts into an informational product that can sell while I sleep. Patricia helped me produce the first of many products to come in less than an hour together. She is razor-sharp at pinning down what is most important to me, and keeps that at the forefront of our work. She seems to have a knack for teaching according to my learning style. I am bursting at the seams with excitement over working with Patricia Drain, and only regret not having done it sooner!

Your Gift Is Your Niche is for YOU if…

+ You have been struggling to find your niche.

+ You have come to believe that other people have gifts, but you simply don’t.

+ You’ve told yourself you aren’t the type of person who makes a lot of money or, that you aren’t meant for more.

+ You are tired of feeling stuck. You are ready to be paid what you know you deserve.

+ You are ready to design a life that allows you and your family more freedom, more certainty, and more happiness.

Let's Dig Into The Details

Here's how it all shakes out...

Module 1

Your gift is at the core of who you are. In this module, we will walk through exercises to identify the strengths and talents that you came into this world already equipped with and connect more closely to who you truly are. From here, you will learn how to monetize your gifts and generate a career path that is ideal for you.

In This Module, You’ll:

  • Unlock your innate strengths to identify that career that is right for you. 

  • Generate confidence that your skills are business assets to profit from.

  • Identify key pathways to create passive income using your skills and gifts.

Module 2

Your career is only one piece of what you do. In this module, we will work on designing your career, and your world, exactly the way you envision it. It is time to design your dream life!

In This Module, You’ll:

  • Get crystal clear on what your ideal career and business look like.

  • Lock in the key aspects you want to embody in your career and life.

  • Walk step-by-step through an exercise to design your dream life.

Module 3

You want to start a business, but have no idea where to even begin. In this module, you will learn the heart of what building a business is really all about. This module contains a step-by-step product development plan that will take you from an idea in your mind all the way to your customer’s hands.

In This Module, You’ll:

  • Unlock the keys to business success.

  • Identify what products and services you can offer based on your skills and talents.

  • Learn how to start a marketing ladder that generates paying customers.

  • Create a granular product development plan.

Module 4

Financial abundance is possible. In this module, we will focus on how to make money that provides you a financially satisfying life, and it all starts with one offering. Here is where you will learn how to properly price for what you are worth...chances are, it’s more than you think.

In This Module, You’ll:

  • Identify your big-ticket offer and learn how to price products for their true value.

  • Overcome the money mindset that is holding you back from charging your worth.

  • Identify your target market and build your ideal client avatar.

  • Utilize a tried-and-tested template for the path to success.

Module 5

Execution is where the magic happens. You have a great business idea, target market, and know how much to charge, now what? In this module, you will learn how to market your offerings and design your success.

In This Module, You’ll:

  • Use a storyboard and treasure map to design your business execution vision.

  • Leverage a template on marketing skills that will help you reach your audience, and connect with them.

  • Begin to design success into your daily life and execute your business plan.

Module 6

We aren’t meant to build alone. In this module, you will hear real-life stories on building a career rooted in innate abilities. Here is where you will learn from the temporary failures and long-term successes of others.

In this Module, You’ll:

  • Get a BONUS book What Should I Be When I Grow Up Now That I’m 40/50/60

  • Receive additional insight on what to look out for when starting a business and ways to set yourself up for success NOW.

  • Prepare for implementation of your business plan and life path!

Hi, I'm Patricia

I’ve been a successful business strategist, speaker, author, and MSI expert for (years).

I am passionate about helping people, just like you, discover their purpose, passion, and calling and turn that into a profitable business.

If you've been struggling to figure out how you can make money utilizing what you already know, then this could just be your luckiest day ever!

I put this program together, just for YOU!
patricia drain

I really wish this program was available earlier in my career...

Piyush Parikh

"I invested in a couple of Masters degrees and have gone through various seminars and courses but the short 2 months I spent with Patricia completely blew away any of those previous investments in terms of return on my time and money. I really wish [this program] was available to me earlier in my career. What a great, concise program - learn to dig deeper to uncover your special sauce and then learn how to make money all day long..."

Why Now?

As the world takes a big shift, so can you! 

With this shaky economy, there has never been a better time to reinvent yourself. 

Now is the time to uncover your own gifts and put those to work for you ... so you can start earning the money you deserve.

Nothing is more challenging than NEVER uncovering or pursuing your dreams.

Your Gift IS Your Niche was designed to help you…

✔️ Identify the gifts, talents, skills, and possibilities that you already came into this world with.

✔️ Leverage your skills and talents to monetize your business.

✔️ Expand the possibilities for where you can apply and utilize your skills.

✔️ Implement a unique marketing plan that will help you reach your ideal customers.

✔️ Create a life filled with clarity where your career is moving forward in the direction you actually want.

If you want rapid results this high touch program is for you!! It was designed for people who are at a crossroads in their careers.

What's Inside Your Gift Is Your Niche

*All material is available upon enrollment so that you can move at your own pace.

  • Questionnaires + Worksheets

    A Personalized Assessment Questionnaire that will set the foundation for your program. Downloadable worksheets that guide the entire process.

  • Masterclass Modules

    6 Master Class Modules. (6 hours of data and actionable instruction rooted in research and experience)

  • Bonus Book

    The What Should I Be When I Grow Up e-book will be included as a bonus to help you make the most of the program.

It All Starts With You...

You have an amazing life...but it feels like something is missing, whether it’s a true balance between business and home, or that next leap in your are tired of feeling stuck. 

All of your hard work and commitment doesn't feel like it’s paying off. You just can’t seem to break through to the purpose, career, and successful life you dream of. This has you beyond frustrated, exhausted, and filled with heartache. 

Who could blame you? Change is scary, success is frightening and the future can feel so uncertain. But you are sick and tired of living out of fear! You’re tired of watching others fly past you getting exactly what they want… and you’re ready for that to be you

So what is getting in your way?

Because let’s be honest, if you knew how to get there, you’d be at that “next level” already. You aren’t the type of person to accept mediocrity. 

But did you ever consider if you could be the one holding yourself back? 

Instead of wondering why your new marketing strategy isn’t working, your funnel isn’t converting leads or your job isn’t offering you a promotion...perhaps the reason is something inside of you. 

It’s tough to hear. 

But there is an easier way to get what you want that doesn’t involve burning yourself out or chasing the bread crumbs of your career that have led you in circles. It starts with asking the difficult questions and turning inward to reconnect with what you are naturally good at and what you innately love to do. It all starts with you!

I knew I had to help others...

Sandra Kindred

"I took the course, How to Make The Money You Deserve with What You Already Know - I was so impressed with the insights I gained, I knew I had to help others. I immediately took the course to become a certified coach. I started helping people who knew somewhat what they wanted to do, but didn't quite know what the next step was. After helping them take baby steps, they were soon running towards the life of their dreams. One client needed a little more confidence and soon finished a book she had been trying for years to complete. Another needed someone to ask the difficult questions so she could have more clarity. I encourage anyone to invest in themselves and uncover what you really want to do with your life."

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We are here to take you by the hand so you get crystal clear about your life and career.

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