I owned an executive recruiting/staffing business in Phoenix Arizona for many years. That is when I realized the number one challenge for people getting the jobs they desired and deserved was… THE INTERVIEW

On a personal note:

When I was first interviewing myself, I didn’t realize I was in the biggest “game “in town. I would come home saying how much I enjoyed getting to know so many people but never, I mean never, with an offer.

Then one day someone finally taught me the rules of the interviewing game.

I got the offer!

Just like me, I would interview dozens of people that would finally get to the interview stage. I would say to them “OK let’s meet before so you can be very prepared to get the offer”

80% of them would reply “oh I don’t need help with the interview, people love me. When I have a conversation with someone, trust me, they will hire me! “

Now here is the reality part. 

90% of the time they would blow it. Why?

Because they were not playing the game they were in. I also noticed the best people for the job, simply we’re not getting the offer, because they lacked interviewing skills they literally thought, just like I thought, it was a conversation. NOT!

Interviewing is the biggest game in town. So when you have to go out on an interview, you have to know the rules of the game.

If this statistic is true, and according to Wikipedia it is. Every job is getting 250 to 400 resumes per opening. They sort through those and 6-8 resumes make it to the end three people are invited in for an in-house interview and only one person will get the job

Can you see the importance of being prepared?

To contribute to the situation I was in every day I decided to author a book called Hire Me! Secrets of Job Interviewing which is now in many languages helping thousands of people around the world get a job.

I am proud of that book, but I decided to take it one step further. 

I turned it into a video series so you can literally watch the do’s and dont’s of an interview.

I KNOW this program will help you understand and be very prepared for your next interview.

As you can see I kept it at a very affordable price so there is no excuse for you not to invest in your future successful interviews. 

Here is what you will be getting

  •  A downloadable PDF of my book hire me secrets of job interviewing with the top 20 questions that you’ll be asked on an interview, but the most important part, the magic, is in the answers  I give you in this book.

  •  You will then get five videos telling you the do’s and don’ts of interviewing 

  • Along with the art of job fishing, and many more THINGS THAT will ensure you will have a successful interview.

I am so excited for you to begin this program because I KNOW you will be able to get the job of your dreams if you follow the rules of the game.

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